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We were born from a health and fitness industry that lacked ethical and scientific integrity.  That’s why Real Nutrition Australia is as much a crusade against misinformation and misleading products as it is for improving the physical, mental and emotional health of Australians.

Whilst we exist primarily to provide nutritional consulting, we aim to deliver as much free information as possible, in the hope of developing a better informed Australia.  So whether you’re a client, a member of our community, or a user of our free information, your health is our first priority

About Alexander Perkins

My Transition from Impatient Gym Junkie to Compassionate Nutritionist

“You aren’t responsible for your genes, your parents, your upbringing, the habits you develop early in life, your current neurological wiring, or the fact biology has stacked the odds against you… However that doesn’t mean you can’t change your circumstances”

Growing up carrying my baby fat through the majority of my early school years wasn’t easy.  Whilst it has been a long time since, I still recall the fear of swimming carnivals and the overwhelming feeling of being self-conscious about my belly and “man boobs” when the security of my clothing had to come off.

The desire to look and feel good during my teenage years led me to increase the amount of football I was playing, start hitting the gym regularly, and begin being conscious of what I was putting in my body.  I had an advantage though.  I had always exercised and been involved in sport, I loved training both on the track and in the gym, and eating well was easy; with my mother recently finishing a nutrition degree and directing much of what we ate.  I was in an environment that fostered good habits and my body changed considerably.

A rather devastating football injury gave me time to focus more on intellectual pursuits and lead me down the path of sports nutrition.  By the time I began my degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition, I had attributed all of my change to my own will-power and choices.  I could not understand how people could live any other way, and my patience for those who did was limited.  Especially when it was accompanied by complaining, or a “want” to change.  Want without will-power and action made no sense to me.

Fast forward eight years and my perspective has completely shifted.  My degree in nutrition taught me about food and its impact on human physiology, however it was my self-directed learning of recent findings in neuroscience and food psychology which allowed me to realise how wrong I had it.

You aren’t truly the author of your own actions and you aren’t fully responsible for where your body and health is currently at.  I have detailed this clearer in an article here.  It would be easy for me to claim full responsibility for all the changes I made in my life, but I wasn’t.  My environment and circumstance pushed me down a path that lead to me making the changes necessary.

You aren’t responsible for your genes, your parents, your upbringing, the habits you develop early in life, your current neurological wiring, or the fact biology has stacked the odds against you.  So this whole concept of full responsibility and the guilt that goes with it is not only unproductive, it’s intellectually untrue.  However that doesn’t mean you can’t change your circumstances.

Many of you know the basics of nutrition and how to lose weight thanks to the plethora of information and misinformation out there.  Most programs indicate a single simple solution to everything.  Whether it is low-carb, vegan, intermittent fasting, paleo, or keto, each system blames something for your ill health and promises to be the single solution.  The issue is that nutritional science is incomplete, constantly throwing up different results, and so very complex.  The fact that we’re looking to put people on Mars yet still don’t know exactly what to eat, should give you some indication as to just how complex the human body is; and beyond that, how hard it is to study it.

My job is to show you that there is more than one way to skin a cat, and to find a mixed bag solution that suits you.  There is no one single, simple solution, and that is why I don’t offer one.  However there is a way to find a simple approach, based on science, that enables you to achieve your health and fitness goals without letting food take over your life.  Because a life dominated by  poor body image, guilt, and restrictive eating, is no life at all.

If you’re over having a bad relationship with food, feeling guilty, confused, and feel like you’re stuck no matter what you do, then please get in touch.  The understanding, support and direction you need is only an email or phone call away.


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